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    I can’t recommend them enough. I found them via Google reviews after a few companies closer to us had no available appointments in the next week (or more!). Nick accurately diagnosed our problem over the phone and was able to get someone out to look at it the next day. The two young technicians who came were on time and fabulous. They took a video of the problem (Nick was right!) and explained options to fix it. It took a couple of days to get parts and organize repair and everything was done professionally and for an extremely reasonable price (I did check the costs for the parts online). A huge thank you.” – Meredith Jordan 

    This is a Google review we were given by one of the clients we served. It demonstrates our commitment to our client’s success.

    Does your swift air condition system experience any of these problems?

    • High electricity bills
    • Uneven cooling
    • Non-environmentally-friendly Air Condition

    If your swift air condition system experiences any of these problems, then do not hesitate to book a quote and consult us for the repair services. Our wide range of repair services will fit your needs and you can have a quality swift air condition system that guarantees comfortability in your house.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I want air conditioning installed in my home. What is the difference between a Split System and a Ducted System?

    A Split system air conditioner; is a single indoor unit, generally used to control the temperature in one room. Larger split system air conditioners have the capability to heat or cool an open area up to 60 square metres.

    A ducted air conditioning system; is designed to control the temperature throughout the whole house. Air vents are installed in every room to enable the system to heat and cool every part of the home. Ducted air conditioning systems can be zoned for individual living areas to allow greater control of where air flow is distributed.

    What size air conditioning system will I need for my home?

    Installing the right size air conditioning system influences the comfort of your home, the effectiveness of the unit and the running costs of the system.

    A system that is too small for the area it is intended for will not work effectively, especially during the peak of summer. On the flip side, an air conditioning system that is too large for the home may heat or cool the area quickly, but the strain on the equipment will cause long term damage and increase power consumption.

    Swift Air Conditioning uses a specially designed program to perform a Heat Load Calculation and determine the right sized system for every home.

    How long can I expect my new air conditioning system to last?

    Modern day air conditioning systems are designed to last anywhere between 12 and 20 years, depending on the usage and th frequency of maintenance;

    There are a few factors that can reduce the life expectancy of an air conditioning unit, with neglect being the main cause.

    How do I prevent my air conditioner from getting any long term damage?

    To prevent an air conditioning system from premature damage, an annual service is highly recommended;. Regular maintenance helps to address any minor issues before they cause long term damage to the unit, as well as keeping the system running at maximum efficiency.

    Elements such as dust and debris need to be properly cleaned from the unit to prevent obstruction to the drains or restriction to the air flow, hence the reason regular maintenance by a skilled professional is advised.

    What air conditioning services do you provide?

    Swift Air Conditioning offers all air conditioning services; including installationmaintenanceand ;;repairs

    From the initial consultation for a new air conditioning unit, our highly-trained team will guide you through the options available, the design and layout of the system all the way through to the completion of the installation.

    For all repair related enquiries, one of our team members will overlook the air conditioning equipment and offer the best advice to get the unit back to working order.

    Do you offer scheduled maintenance?

    Swift Air Conditioning offers a Preventative Maintenance Program. Our Preventative Maintenance Program is a scheduled service of the equipment performed annually from the date of installation.

    One of our trained service technicians will overlook the air conditioning system to ensure that everything is in working order. Filters are checked and cleaned of dust and debris, the main unit is assessed and gas pipes are checked for any leaks. These tasks help to extend the life of the unit as well as the efficiency.

    The benefit of partaking in the Preventative Maintenance Program is that we keep track of everything for you. We will contact you when maintenance is due, and schedule in a time and date suitable.

    My air conditioner isn’t working the way it used to. Should I repair or replace it with a new system?

    There are times when your system may not be working as well as it once was. The reason could be as simple as a blocked filter, or as serious as a compressor fault.

    Depending on the age and condition of your equipment, constant repairs for system breakdowns can become costly and still not have the unit running at a condition that keeps the home at a comfortable temperature.

    The best option is to Contact Us; and have one of our skilled technicians assess the equipment and offer the best advice for a cost-effective solution.

    How can I get in touch with Swift Air Conditioning?

    Feel free to call us; on 9018 9234 to discuss any of your air conditioning needs. Alternatively, you can fill out a Contact Form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.