Common Issues

Without regular maintenance, it may lead to situations where the air conditioning system needs to be repaired. Common issues requiring repairs include:

water leaks and drainage issues

air conditioning unit not cooling

air conditioning unit not heating

sensor and thermostat issues

refrigerant leaks

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Air Conditioner Repair Services In Sydney.


Air conditioners have turned into basic needs for people staying in the southern hemisphere due to the extensive heat that our land offers. Apart from people staying along the coast, nearly every citizen of Australia wishes to get their home an AC. It is also relevant for workplaces to use air conditioners throughout the day. Cafes, restaurants, small offices are often found having single split ACs and multi-split ACs installed.


However, using an AC for a relatively long time, without proper servicing, might load on the machine, resulting in internal damage.


Well, in that case, call for air conditioning repair services to get your AC back to its usual efficiency. Swift Aircon is available for all air conditioning repair Sydney.


When Should You Call Us?

Our customers often communicate their problems of not knowing the right time to call for help. In some cases, they continue using their half-damaged air conditioner, which imposes pressure on the healthy parts.


Well, to avoid such situations, accept regular servicing as mandatory. If your air conditioner behaves in any of the following ways, get it checked immediately.


  1. Losing its efficiency in cooling – Sometimes, it is seen that an AC, after years of being used, takes extra time to cool the room properly. It might result from dust accumulation at the filters or ductworks or due to the damage of any internal components. Consider air conditioning repair to prevent further damage.


  1. Leaking of water or refrigerant – If an air conditioner is not looked after properly, it will be inevitable to get impaired. One such situation is when it starts leaking its refrigerants or water. You may identify it by the air quality that comes out of the AC. If the air smells unusual, it might need some air conditioning repair services. Also, if you find the wall behind your AC wet, consult your servicing company.


  1. Sudden noises – Air condition repair services might help you if you find your air conditioner making weird noises while working. They will let you know if any parts are damaged and replace it with the right quality products. Swift Aircon is specialized in solving such problems. You just need to consult our team, and we will reach you at the earliest.


  1. Automatic shutting down and turning on – If your AC is facing difficulty running, it will automatically turn on and off. It is a red alarm for you to call for service. Our team will provide you with the best air conditioning services and make your AC as efficient as it was in its initial stages.


The team of Swift Aircon has skilled professionals with adequate experience in AC repair services. The moment we reach your house, our initial work is to figure out the reason behind the air conditioning units’ abnormal behavior. We then take adequate measures to solve the issue and get the worn-out parts replaced.


It would help if you went for regular air conditioner maintenance services to prevent any need for emergency servicing.


We carry out all sorts of AC repair Australia, be it commercial ac repair services or residential AC repair services. We also work on ac installation, installing air conditioners from the best air conditioning company.  Swift Aircon, guarantee you the most satisfactory result for your “AC repair services near me.”