5 Years Installation Warranty

Swift Air Conditioning offers all our customers a 5 Year Installation Warranty. 


Our Preventative Maintenance Program is a scheduled service and overall check up of the air conditioning unit annually from the date of initial installation.

The benefits of participating in the program include:

having the general maintenance of the unit managed

keeping the unit running at optimal performance

addressing any minor issues with the air conditioner before it leads to permanent damage

extending the life of the unit

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Preventive Measures For Air Conditioners


An air conditioner is an electronic machine that needs proper care and attention. Like any other machine, it is exposed to electricity and dust in the air. Hence, it is mandatory to clean your AC regularly to ensure better performance and long life.


Swift Aircon assists its customers throughout the air conditioning installation services and keeps a regular check on your AC. It makes the technicians replace the worn-out parts and prevents the AC from any lasting damage.


We take matters into our hands in case your air conditioner fails to work efficiently. We provide you air conditioning repair services to sort your AC related issues.

We aim to provide you with the best air conditioning services and make your air conditioner service worth your time.


What Are The Preventive Measures To Be Taken?

Well, it is difficult to detect problems in an air conditioner by a mere user. Skilled technicians are required for it. Regular servicing is a preventive measure to ensure your AC’s swift and long life, which otherwise might inherit flaws without your knowledge. For AC maintenance services Sydney, you may check our website to know more about our business.


Some preventive measures that your air conditioner need are:


  1. Checking of filters- Filters and ductworks deal with the inner and outer flow of air. It is inevitable for them to catch the dirt that comes in along with the air. This dirt accumulates for months and blocks the airflow. As a result, you receive less cold air after months of use. It needs a technician who would clean the parts and revive your soothing experience back.


  1. Checking the thermostat- Thermostat is a device that deals with sensing and regulating temperature. It is a relatively delicate part and often gets worn-out due to extensive use. In that case, your AC will fail to sense your command and regulate the temperature accordingly. Air conditioner maintenance services will at once detect such error and get your thermostat replaced before it starts putting pressure on other parts.


  1. Ensure proper working of electrical parts- The switches and terminals deal with direct electricity. They must be checked regularly so that the user’s safety and the machine are maintained. With Swift Aircon, you know that you are at safe hands.


  1. Check leakage, if any- Sometimes, your refrigerants start leaking without your knowledge. It can be stressful for the atmosphere in your room. Refrigerants are harmful to the environment, and leaking of it might slowly pull your AC towards permanent damage. AC preventative maintenance is necessary to avoid such situations.


  1. Checking of general parts – The air conditioning units as a whole needs servicing. Be it the condenser, wiring, or the condensate line, Swift AirCon leaves no stones unturned in maintaining a proper check of our air conditioning components.


In case of damage, you should call for air conditioner repair services immediately. A user can’t solve internal issues of an AC. The technicians of Swift AirCon are licensed and experienced in this field. For air conditioner repair in Sydney, we shall be your best choice. We collaborate with only the best air conditioning company for AC maintenance in Sydney.


How can we help you? Are you searching for AC maintenance services in Australia? Well, you are in the right place. Contact us, and Swift AirCon will reach your home at the earliest.